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Research says...

To become "world class" in an instrument or sport takes 10,000 hours of practice before the age of 20. The single most important aspect of motivation for world class performance is the ability to commit to a rigorous practice schedule.

Twenty years of research on motivation and achievement bears out the idea of "self-fulfilling prophecy". Aim for the stars becuse we tend to be,do,and accomplish what we think we can.

Activity of the day


1. Motive the move

2. I, the Winnneerrrr...

Short Movie

1. Fly away home

A girl sees a problem and does what it takes to solve it. Along the way, she discovers that love is a powerful motivator.

Mindfulness Activities

handling emotions

How My Body Feels

Being aware of your body is a great way to practice mindfulness. This tool teaches kids and teens to check in their body and to tell someone else how their body feels. It encourages them to make eye contact with the person, tune into their body, and translate their body awareness into words.

handling emotions

Balancing Chip Games

One great way to practice mindfulness is to focus attention on your body. This tool uses the process of balancing chips on the body to see how long the kids or teens can stay still without knocking the chips off. It teaches self-awareness and mindfulness of body, and may help hyperactive.

Handling emotions

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