Managing Your Emotions - Handling Emotions| Managing Emotions


Demanding attention
Unable to get along with others
Does not listen to elders and is disrespectful
Does not listen to elders and is disrespectful
Sulking a lot and self blaming
Being overly dependent
Worries a lot and thinks of worst scenario
Feeling unloved, nervous
Feeling unhappy and tearful
Preferring to be alone
Unable to concentrate and easily distracted
Act without thinking, more impulsive
Arguing a lot
Stubborn and moody
Often complains of headaches, stomach-aches or sickness
Easily loses confidence
Often fights with other children
Nervous or clingy in situations
Picked on or bullied by other children
Leaves the task unfinished
Not considerate of others feelings
Not very helpful to others
Often lies, cheats or steals from home, school or elsewhere
Secretive and does not share things with others
Anti social acts
Self-harming behavior

Handling emotions

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