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Research says...

Of 200,000 students surveyed, 33% said that their parents often do not set clear rules. And 50% said that they are not disciplined routinely when they break the rules.

Only 38% of people who make a New Year’s resolution have stuck to their plan one week later. After six months, only 15% have managed to hold on to their goals.

It's a skill that can very well be taught by games and lots many fun activities. Kids will find it very interesting. This is must developed skill in kids.

Activity of the day

Games and Activities

1. Twist your Tongue - George Burns says, "If we savor Humor, Humor can be life saver". Let's give our kids these wonderful capabilities.

2. Spoon Hockey

3. Clown Around

4. Greeting card speaks - This will surprise you, what wonders a kid can do by making these fun filled and powerful greeting cards.

5. Mixed animal together


Good Night Gorilla - A humorous bedtime story about zoo. The beauty of this small story is kids can always recreate it in their own ways.

Mindfulness Activities

Handling emotions

Relaxation response

Handling emotions

Listening to my body

An important aspect of self-awareness involves being aware of your body. This ability to sense the state of our body takes place in the insula. This can include noticing how your body feels, your heart rate, your gut, and pain or discomfort. This tool provides a mindfulness exercise to help kids and teens tune into their bodies and practice being aware of the state of their body and perhaps what their body needs in the moment.

Handling emotions

Can You Imagine the space between?

Open Focus attention training encourages awareness of how you attend to the wide array of sensory experiences and the space between those experiences. It helps clients put things in perspective and helps to relieve stress, manage physical pain, regulate emotions, and set the stage.

Handling emotions

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