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Self- Control

Handling emotions
  • “I was angry with my friend
  • I told my wrath; my wrath did end
  • I was angry with my foe;
  • I hid my wrath; my wrath did grow.”


We want chocolate now,we are hurt and we want revenge ,we are scared and we want to hide.This is normal and not unusual.We will practice the child to express in it ways which doesn't hurt self, others or anything in environment. Our final aim is to turn the child a Problem Solver, whatever may be his anger style may be. Teaching Self-control is the most important soft skills for them and believe us, it's a lot easier than you ever think off.

Handling emotions

Activities of the day


1. Blow up a Balloon :- A reminder that when we keep negative emotions inside us they don't go away. They continue to build up until they explode. A visual to impress the importance of talking about anger rather than hold it in.

2. Talk about it :- To begin to have your child become comfortable talkingabout anger; to teach your child that anger is a natural emotion. When child begins talking about anger, they begin to realize they can control what they do with it. Many children believe that anger is an outside power that controls them.

3. Rubber Band Child

4. Stay Calm Game

Handling emotions

Story Time

Concerned Corrin and Little Kitten

This story will teach your kids that how to grow stronger despite worries.

Mindfulness Exercise

Handling emotions

These exercises can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware.

Handling emotions

There is something we are all capable of but usually don't cultivate intentionally. Why not start young in training those capacities?

The spaghetti test

Consciously relaxing your body is different from relaxing through sports or reading. Children like it when they know how to relax through spaghetti test. In this test they learn how to transform stiff and uncooked pieces of spaghetti in their body into soft and supple, perfectly cooked strands of pasta. Completely limp. Totally relaxed. With practice, this helps to curb intense anger, hyperactivity in kids.

Handling emotions

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