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What defines “success” of your child ?

Their parents use these skills to enhance and encourage their child's abilities. They create useful parenting tools to build the attributes their child needs to succeed. Successful children become successful adults who have high levels of self-esteem and self-worth.

Emotional Testing

Traditionally the capability of a child was measured in term of his IQ( measure of intelligence through standardised tests ). It was believed that the more intelligent a kid is the more successful and greater achiever she/he would be. A lot of research was conducted to explore how IQ could be enhanced - and this was successfully achieved. Reaping its harvest, the newer and younger generations are smarter and more intelligent, with better IQ than their parents.

Research Done

Then in the past few years came the realisation that those who are extremely intelligent may not necessarily be very successful and happy in their lives. Research studies have shown that there is very little correlation between a child's success in exams and his/her success in later life ! There have been various examples in history of people who were highly intelligent, but were unable to find satisfaction in life, due to conflicts at their professional and personal fronts. Though they had high IQ and performed well at their job, their bosses, colleagues, subordinates and even family members did not find them likeable'.

Judging on IQ

On the other hand, there are people who may not be really well on IQ tests, and may not be very skillful at their jobs, but who are very happy and content with life. We find some 'brainy', high IQ few who get good jobs but who are not "at peace" with life; and others not so smart yet 'amiable' sorts, who win contracts, do well witb peers and are popular with all. What differentiates the two is high emotional quotient (EQ) of the popular persons.
Goleman, with his research, has proven that success in life can be attributed only 20% to IQ but 80% to other factors like EQ.
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Handling emotions

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