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handling emotions


Awareness includes recognizing our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. How do we respond? What are we really saying? As we learn to recognize and accept our relationship to the large and complex world, we accept more and more responsibility for the consequences of our actions- and even of our thoughts.

handling emotions

Activities of the day

Games:- All the below listed games will empower kids to express their feelings. The first step to become emotionally intelligent is to give name to the feeling. Going by the philosophy -"To name it, to tame it", an angry kid when says that I am angry, will reduces his anger many fold. All of them are wonderful games that will enhance the emotional literacy of kids.


Angry me - Act it out


Happy me - draw me out


Naughty me- Match me out


I have mixed feeling in my school - Pick me out


I am Joyful, I am painful - Match me out


Different shades of my inner body

handling emotions


The Potato Man

A boy, a peddler, a dog, a pomegranate and kindness. A short, sweet story full of emotions with a message at the end.

Mindfulness Activities

handling emotions

These exercises can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware.

handling emotions

There is something we are all capable of but usually don't cultivate intentionally. Why not start young in training those capacities?

handling emotions

A little frog

A frog is a remarkable creature. It is capable of enormous leaps, yet it can also sit very still. Although it is aware of everything that happens in and around it, the frog tends not to react right away.

Handling emotions

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