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Managing Your Emotions - Handling Emotions| Managing Emotions

Managing Your Emotions - Handling Emotions| Managing Emotions

What is “handling emotions“ all about?

Handling Emotions is an experiential learning of must have Emo - Social skills in kids to face today’s world and themselves. It includes 12 sessions of about 1 hour each at weekends, based on games, activities, role plays, audio visual learning, stories and some beautiful mindfulness exercises. They are focused on two age groups, mainly 5-10 yrs and 10-15 yrs. The learning is such that kids mind will receive strong positive soft skills, consciously or unconsciously. It is going to be fun learning for kids. Although we have enlisted many behavioral problems in kids which will be addressed by this sessions but it is best to not to wait for a problem to arise. Earlier, the better.

what CONCERNS you?

About Us

As parents, we are busier in improving the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) of kids because kid's capabilities are mistakenly measured as his/her IQ. It is believed that more the IQ ,more is the chances of kid being successful and achiever later in life. However, if one evaluates successful persons around, he/she will realize that success is partly to IQ but more because of some qualities like resilience, effective communication, ability to remain calm in crisis, ability to maintain strong relationships and many more. They are what we call as soft skills or emo-social skills or Emotional Quotient (EQ). Good part is they are all teachable and learnable, unlike IQ, which is almost fixed after the age of 5 years. Therefore, it is our duty as parents that we should give space to our kids to learn these soft skills to achieve more success and peace later in their life. This leads the foundation of "Handling Emotions", a program that has the capacity to bring best of the mental health of your child.

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Handling emotions

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